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Brown White Stripe
Brown & White Stripe
Tabby Cat Ornament
Gray Cat Closed
Gray & White
Siamese Cat Ornament
Black Cat Ornament Closed Eyes
Black & White
Calico Cat Ornament 
Marmalade Cat Ornament
Boo! Cat Ornament
Fraidy Cat Ornament
White Cat Ornament
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Cats Of Christmas features quality hard to find cat ornaments for your Christmas tree. We showcase the work of artist Donna D. Tate. Her immensely popular work has been seen at many shows throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. She has been making her hand painted cat ornaments for over 25 years.

A few examples of Donna's unique cat ornaments are shown below. Select a category from the menu on the left to see specific colors such as Calico or Marmalade cats!

Marmalade Yellow Eyes

At two and one half inches across, they are light enough to hang on your tree without sagging. They are meticulously crafted in a time consuming process, hand painted and covered in a thin softly glossy coating of protective hard wax. Each is signed by Donna. Photographs don't do them justice!

*** NEW! KITTENS ***

Kittens & Brown/White Striped Pattern

Kitten and Brown/White

ABOVE: Kittens on the right and left with an adult sized Brown & White Stripe in the middle for comparison. Kittens are smaller than the adult sized ornaments. They also have smaller ears and younger looking faces. They come in Marmalade and Gray/White.

Below: Also new! Brown & White Stripe

Comes in Yellow or green eyes.

Brown and White Cat

Boo! cat ornaments

Above: All black  "Boo!" and "Fraidy" cats! Click on the picture for more information.

Calico Cat Ornament

Above: Closed eyed calico cats.

   Siamese Ornament

Marmalade Cat

Every cat is just a little different and each have their own personality. Just like in real life!

Tabby Cat Ornaments

Above: Tabby cat ornaments.

Siames Ornaments 

Above: Siamese with closed eyes.

Thank you for coming to see us! Please spend some time and look around!


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